Technological Capabilities

3-D Bioreactor

Our lead product, Lomecel-B, consists of human allogeneic bone-marrow derived MSCs as the active ingredient. These cells undergo cultured-expansion using proprietary processes, and are then formulated, packaged and stored frozen (cryopreserved) until shortly before use. Fresh bone marrow is procured from established, licensed U.S.-based third-party tissue suppliers, which harvest the tissue from young, healthy consenting donors. Lomecel-B is produced using techniques that FDA has reviewed and authorized as part of our INDs.


From the commencement of operations in 2014, we recognized the potential for cellular therapy to be a novel therapeutic candidate in our chosen indications. We have assembled a team of experts and proprietary technologies that we believe enables us to take a systematic approach to rapidly develop improved cell therapies. We believe having established manufacturing capabilities and operations within the U.S. early in the development of our product candidates is a competitive advantage. Over time, we expect to expand regional manufacturing capacity and potentially add external supply nodes to meet projected product requirements for commercialization. We believe that anticipated future clinical and commercial demand for Lomecel-B and new pipeline programs can be met, as our process has been designed for meet these demands as milestones are achieved. We believe our scalable robust manufacturing process, along with our proprietary technologies and our industry experienced team, would be challenging and costly for potential competitors to replicate.


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